Protecting Production

Let’s face it. Dentistry is can be rewarding, very lucrative and fun. What other profession allows you to hand out free toothbrushes and, at the same time, change the lives of thousands of your friends who visit you throughout the year?  But dentistry can also be challenging, tedious and strenuous, especially physically. Some of you out there will want to practice until the day before your funeral while some of you are thinking, “Can yesterday be my last day?”  Eventually though, the...Read More

Clearing up some common Cash Flow Misconceptions

Draws Versus Taxable Income   Business owners often believe that they get taxed on the cash they withdraw from a business.  Generally speaking, withdrawals (aka draws, distributions) don’t drive taxation.  Rather, taxable income is driven by the profits earned by the business, whether distributed or not.  The one exception to this rule is when distributions exceed a taxpayer’s “basis”.  In its simplest form, basis is the accumulated (and previously undistributed) profits and...Read More

The art and science of Social media marketing for dentists

To successfully market a dental office on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, you need to spend a good amount of time creating and posting different forms of media and messaging. The beauty of the digital age is that you no longer have to guess what your audience wants because through data they WILL tell you! In this article I will provide you with a few things you can do to see immediate results in you online marketing efforts. When building an ad the first thing is to try...Read More

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave is the Law, which you probably know already.  Unfortunately, it is a complicated law with multiple ways to comply, which means multiple ways to make mistakes. In addition, some cities – including San Diego – have added provisions that make it even more onerous for small employers, especially independent dental practices. Under the state law, you must provide paid sick leave benefits to all employees who will work at least 30 days in a year.  You may frontload the greater...Read More

Practice Finance 101:

Practice Finance 101: As a dentist, obtaining a loan is not something new to you.  Most of your academic career has been dependent on the ability to finance your education and living expenses.  However, along the journey of acquiring a practice, first time owners quickly find out that financing a practice is quite different and more involved than obtaining a credit based consumer loan. Although the current and historical performance of the target practice is at the core of the underwriting...Read More

5 Step Technology Assessment

Paul Lipcius CPA |CFO Advisor |PracticeCFO   Around year-end we constantly get questions from our clients about whether or not to make equipment purchases. Drs tend to think that equipment purchases are a “silver bullet” for tax planning but this is somewhat misguided. Yes, you can deduct equipment by way of depreciation. Yes, you can accelerate that depreciation in certain circumstances by taking Section 179/ bonus depreciation. And yes, a tax deduction today is...Read More

Stock Market Volatility – What’s with the rollercoaster???

Stock Market Volatility – What’s with the rollercoaster??? Brandon Hobson, CPA | Director of Investments | PracticeCFO   The U.S. stock market has experienced high volatility since the start of October, particularly to the downside. Stock market volatility is associated with big swings in either direction. With the runup in the market over the last couple of years, it’s easy to forget that volatility is normal and that it works in both directions. It is...Read More

Independent Contractor (1099) or Employee (W-2)?

Independent Contractor (1099) or Employee (W-2)?   The news has spread about the California Supreme Court’s ruling in Dynamex vs Superior Court (Docket No. S222732).   Dynamex established a new 3-prong test that pushes owners to classify workers as employees (W-2) rather than independent contractors (1099-MISC).  When asked how to classify dental associates and other staff, most legal and tax advisors have focused narrowly on this 3-prong test and are advising their owner-clients that all...Read More

The impact of the Dynamex Ops West, Inc v Superior Ct. case

The impact of the Dynamex Ops West, Inc v Superior Ct. case David Knittel | Director of Tax | PracticeCFO   On April 30, 2018 a very important case was decided by the CA Supreme Court.  Dynamex v Superior Ct, instituted a brand-new threshold for determining whether a worker should be considered an employee or a contractor in the state of California.  As a result, a quiet panic has ensued as attorneys and employers scramble to reclassify all of their...Read More

2018 Year-End Tax Savings Moves – now is the time!

2018 Year-End Tax Savings Moves – now is the time! David Knittel | Director of Tax | PracticeCFO   I know, I know, it’s only November and who wants to think about their taxes in November?!  After all, the 2018 tax filing deadlines are still 5 – 6 months away and you have plenty of other pressing issues right now like how to get your fantasy football team back on track, President Trump’s latest tweet, or what happened in the latest episode of your...Read More
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