A practice retirement plan is essential to financial independent. A properly designed plan will allow you to significantly reduce your tax liability while funding your financial future. There are various types of retirements plan such as:

  1. 401K
  2. Profit Sharing Plan
  3. SEP IRA
  5. Defined Benefit Plan

Knowing which option is right for your practice, and when to fund it, requires careful planning. Many times financial advisers will establish a retirement plan for a practice owner without regard to the practice’s overall financial situation. Therefore, the plan is often not properly funded and becomes nothing more than an expense to the doctor.

PracticeCFO designs and oversees the retirement plan that is right for your practice. All plans are custom designed according to your financial situation. Additionally, we keep the overall retirement plan costs to a very low level.

Our investment service include:

  • Personal financial planning specific to practice owners (This service is integrated closely with our related CPA firm, PracticeCFO)
  • Retirement plan design and oversight (E.G. 401K). This includes annual census preparation for the TPA.
  • Investment selection, asset allocation, and performance reports.
  • Portfolio tax planning
  • Online client portal to see all return history (year-to-date, inception-to-date).
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